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Our clients are successful individuals who are open minded and committed to making the most of their skills and experience. We focus on each candidate as an individual  and what will be right for them moving forward.

Succeeding in the Job Market.

‘Most of the better positions are not advertised and not handled through Head Hunters.’ To find out why and how to address more of the unadvertised, informal and hidden jobs markets, come and meet with us in person.

If we engage with you, you will access a unique set of resources and capabilities for you to be more successful with your next and any future career moves. No other organisation does what we do or achieves the same degree of success with their candidates.

Are you sure you are doing yourself justice ?
Are you open to look at better options if they exist? 

Are you considering key career questions such as:

Where should you go next?

How do you get there?

Call us and we will help you to identify if you are missing out with your current approach.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Connaught Executive Search; their support is with you for the long haul

Torben Harris
Connaught Exec

I have found the Connaught approach both refreshing and cathartic

Nicola Dunne

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