If you are looking to progress on a personal basis.

Employed and successful, but open to the right opportunities?

Most candidates find that searching for their next role is too time consuming when faced with the immediate and pressing demands that go with a full time senior position. If they have added demand on their time with a growing family there is no time to search properly.

We have a unique set of proactive resources that should be evaluated by anyone in this situation who is serious about making a next move and getting it right.


Been successful but between roles and looking actively?

Many executives report that their search for a new position is more time consuming and frustrating than they expected or had been when they undertook a search for a new role some years ago. 

We can help with a number of proactive strategies to reduce the time and effort involved and to improve the quality of the outcome with the next move and any in the future. 


Right sizing, Re structuring and making Redundancies?

Need to move some of your people on, and genuinely want to help them?
(Not waste their opportunities and your company's money on typical outplacement?) then you are in the right place.

We have an unmatched record of helping candidates to move on far more successfully. To find out why we can help them in a more genuine and proactive way, just call us and we will be happy to help. We will give you some simple but effective suggestions or we come in to your organisation and show them that there are always opportunities to move on and most of them do not get advertised or handled by recruiters.

At the same time, find out why professionally rewritten CVs, having a degree, or direct experience in their particular sector is not so CRITICAL to career success in the real World.


Our approach

We work with individuals if we and they believe that our unique, different and proactive approach will be successful.

To see typical results you can read the open comments that real people in situations that may be just like yours have been happy to publish. Click on the reviews  to read and see their LinkedIn profiles.

Working with Connaught is an investment in money and time but from experience an investment worth making

Steve Morley
Connaught Exec

Without the Connaught team’s support I have no doubt the process would have been a great deal more difficult and it is very unlikely that I would have ended up where I am today

Andrew Sweeney

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